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My Lovely Girl < 내겐 너무 사랑스러운 그녀>  Lovely Trailer

Featuring: Rain (Bi), Krystal, Cha Ye ryun, L (infinite), Kim Jin woo

Pilot date: 9.17.2014


[OOH] ok im shipping u guys~
aaahh so sweet ♥v♥
My Lovely Girl Press Conference
At HKBP Tebet

At HKBP Tebet with Natalia – See on Path.


Chorong hair flip

shampoo cf please
[STARCAST] ‘Rewriting profile’ of Park Chorong introduced by Apink Yoon Bomi


Hello, this is Yoon Bomi the fresh and sparkling member of Apink~!!
How have you been for the last week~? I missed you guys so much↗!!
Have you all enjoyed reading Jung Eunji’s profile which I had ambitiously prepared? I have prepared hard this week too!
The profile of the second member I am going to introduce is Apink’s eternal leader, Rong MaMa ‘Park Cho Rong’!!

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